My Story

DBlueheadshotcoverI have always been Intuitive but not always trusting what was given. When I was young I always had a feeling that I was surrounded by loved ones and other spiritual beings and did not understand. These moments happened when I was mostly alone and feeling sad. I did have a challenging childhood but I know that I needed to go through those challenges to help me become the person I am today. I was always fascinated with the Metaphysical World and the Paranormal and would read all kinds of books and watch many films. Anything that had to do with the “Unknown”.

While bartending  and part-time Acting, I met my husband Joe and have two wonderful boys Connor & Kyle who are now teenagers (now a house filled with Testosterone – yikes!!) . While my boys were young I was guided to study Energy Work and it has taken a good portion of my lifetime to come to terms with what I know now is a very strong genetic gift from my maternal Scottish & Irish roots. When my Grandmother (who was also gifted and my great aunt) had passed away in 2001. They had passed their gift ( as well as Acting & Dancing ) on to me, and then many doors started opening.
Trusting that I had to step through these doors and that this was my calling, I followed my heart and the nudges. I studied all different modalities in the Holistic Field and great people and teachers came into my life who helped me nurture my gifts.

I began reading many books and attended many workshops. I was then guided to seek teachings from Tutors from the world renowned Author Findlay College in England ,for “Evidentual Mediumship”. I also studied Mediumship with world renowned John Holland and Janet Nohavec together at the Omega Institute in New York. Most recently I became a Certified Spiritual Advisor under LWISSD with world renowned Lisa Williams. Since then, through word of mouth I have done many “Group and Personal” Readings,Fundraisers and Special Events across southern Ontario and the great GTA. I look forward to implementing my “travel bug” and hope to travel  across the US & Canada to share my gifts and bring healing and validation that Love never dies, it’s just different.

I have received many testimonials from clients who mentioned that they have received closure, comfort and validations from their loved ones through my messaging. They can now move forward with their lives. Knowing that they walk away with some kind of healing tells me that I am walking in my path and being of service. This makes my Heart Sing!
We are all born with these gifts, with some more prominent than others. We are each being called to use these gifts now more than ever to help one another, ourselves and our universe.

My mission is to use my God given gifts to help enlighten, clarify, heal and bring understanding where it is most needed and wanted. If you have landed on my site today, it may be that you need my assistance.
I am blessed to be able to help you, and only want to be a blessing in return. Please read my Testimonials to see how I have helped others.

I LOVE being the Messenger (the Beacon of Light) and making the connections with the Spirit World!!!

This is my gift, my calling, my PASSION!

Brightest Blessings!!

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