Hugs From Heaven

HUGSSometimes just having a friend or loved one to give us a hug can be the best medicine. After I have a session with my clients, I always make sure that they do not leave with out a hug. To me it’s like a heart to heart talk. As soon as I approach my clients at the end of their session and ask for a hug , the look on their faces tells all, ” really, I get a hug as well there is no extra fee for this? “. Some even hesitate, they are not too sure. Some just can’t wait for hug and this makes my day and makes my heart sing! It tells me that they are comfortable around me, they trust me. I know instantly when people are uncomfortable , as if they never receive hugs and these are the ones I hold onto just little bit longer.

Why are so many people afraid of hugging? Is it because of personal space, is it considered stepping over boundaries? Feared that it might be taken the wrong way? They just simply don’t know how to receive or give one. This could stem from childhood or they don’t surround themselves with huggy type people. Look how important it is for new babies and small children. They need to receive constant human contact ,to feel this form of nurturing, protection and just being loved. It’ just second nature for us Moms & Dad’s to do this automatically especially if the parents were affectionate with their children.

When Spirit comes through me I can tell if that loved one was a touchy feely type person or not. Often they say that they wished they gave more hugs or were a little more affectionate with their loved ones here on earth. When I pass this message on, I can see it in their eyes and how they longed for this. That’s when I give an extr extra hug at the end of their session and sometimes it’s not actually coming from me but through me from Spirit. I love when this happens.

What I do like about hugging is that it’s another form of expression, another way of communicating. If you are not great with words, just a simple hug can say a lot and go along way. It can be a simple hello or goodbye . Every morning all 3 of my boys ( that’s including my husband) do not leave the house without a hug. Each morning it’s how my husband and I start off our day (and we scratch each others back while doing this …LOL) . I especially do this because I have to admit, I’m not a morning person and I tend to be quiet, so a simple hug is all that is needed… until my morning coffee.

When was the last time you received a hug or gave one? I can guarantee it will put a smile on your face or at least the other person or both and perhaps add an extra bounce to your step today !

Happy Hugging from The Spirit World!!


Intuitively Yours,

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