Home Cleansed & Blessed

What is Smudging?

A smudging ceremony is an Aboriginal tradition that is meant to cleanse your home (or whichever environment you choose), of bad feelings and negative energies. What one must accept when thinking about smudging, is that smudging is an ancient ritual, meant to be spiritual in nature and should be conducted in a slow and mindful manner. Burning White Sage (sweetgrass & frankincense) and sometimes using Ting Shaws or Drumming can be added to the ceremony. I like to invite my clients to participate if they choose. It helps to create peace and harmony in your Sacred Space.


Why Smudge Your Sacred Space?

Even the most well intentioned homes will accumulate negative energies over time, simply as a consequence of being apart of the fluid nature of the world. Smudging should be performed several times a year as a means to detoxify your home. When moving into a new home or work space is important for smudging as we don’t know the story of previous owners and energy lingers. It also gives you a fresh start. Did you recently have a party, celebration, or an argument in your space? This is the time to have your Sacred Space cleansed and Blessed.

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