Do Our Loved Ones Visit Their Funeral ?

do-our-loved-ones-visit-their-funeralWhen Crossing Over

People have a window of time surrounding their impending death where their Spirit can leave their physical body and cross into the Light. Some people leave their bodies in the moments before their physical death, before they feel any pain at all. Rather than experiencing first-hand the trauma of dying – they watch what happens as an observer on the sidelines.

Some people leave their bodies the instant their physical body ceases to operate. Meaning, at the exact time of physical death, the spirit leaves the body and crosses-over.

Most people leave their body and depart Earth for the Light, somewhere between 24 hours and 10 days after their physical body has ceased to operate. When they are ready, they simply walk ‘into the Light’ that hovers nearby them, almost like a train door that remains open at the station for a period of time before the train actually departs. Generally, ‘the Light,’ or ‘the train door’ so to speak, closes after the ‘last rights’ surrounding this person’s death.


The Final Ceremonies

Depending on the person and what they believe is important, what qualifies as ‘last rights’ will change. The last concluding event of their life, where after which their Light door closes, will ultimately be different for everyone, depending on their perspective on what is and what is not important.

A Last Right could be:

  • A traditional funeral service
  • The burial after the funeral
  • When a loved one gives permission to the deceased that it’s okay for them to go
  • Once the processing of the physical estate commences and it’s smooth sailing
  • As soon as the deceased Spirit finishes visiting and saying goodbye to everyone

Once this Last Right is complete, generally, the Spirit of the person who has passed gets on the train, goes into the Light and leaves peacefully, on their own.

With that said, many people do choose to go to their own funeral, because why not?

It’s kind of like the last time they get to see everyone and say goodbye before finally leaving. A final party in their honor, a ‘Celebration” if you will. I’d attend that, for sure, wouldn’t you?


What Happens At A Funeral/Celebration

The deceased person will be present and they generally shift to and from several locations throughout the service.

As guests are in procession to the funeral, the deceased person generally arrives with the person or group of persons who were most affected by the death.

Once this person(s) and the deceased have arrived, as guests are arriving to the funeral, the deceased person generally stands in an inconspicuous place in the lobby.

This is so they can see who comes and effectively ‘greet’ everyone.

During the service and towards the end of the service, when people come up to the coffin and say their goodbyes, the deceased person generally stands at the foot of the coffin.

If you have the ability to see those in Spirit, you may be able to even see a wavy, glowy light, or a static in the air in this space. This would be the Spirit.

Following the service, where the deceased person goes, varies.

Some cross over into the Light at the close of the service or after everyone leaves. Some follow other family members to help with comforting them and tying up any loose ends which may require their input, and some, hang around with their own body for a while – seemingly reflecting on and coming to terms with their own death.

The next time you are at a funeral be careful what you say, how you behave and what you gossip about. Act how you would have acted if the deceased were actually present, because if you are at their funeral where they are the guest of honor, there’s a pretty good chance they actually will be present.


Do You Need To Attend A Loved Ones Funeral?

Sometimes when we lose a loved one, there are many reasons why you could not attend their funeral.

  • You may live far away
  • you may have health issues
  • problems with transportation getting there
  • you may be too emotional to attend
  • a commitment you cannot get out of

I just recently lost my good friend Maureen who passed just as I landed in Scotland. Her funeral service was the same day as my cousins wedding. How did if I feel? Well I knew in my heart that she would understand knowing who I am as a Spiritual Medium and my predicament I was in. There were 2 Celebrations, one is a start to a new chapter in life and the other a new chapter in Evolving & Transformation into the Divine. My feelings were scattered, up and down, sad and happy. Yet I decided to handle it my own way. The wedding was held in England on a beautiful Grand Old Estate and that morning, knowing it was Maureen’s funeral, I decided to take a walk (barefoot) across the fields, I prayed and sang out loud to her. I was then inspired to go hug a certain huge old tree. While I was hugging it, I closed my eyes, cried and then felt a warm and peaceful feeling of love go through me. I was then able to accept that she was gone and in a happier more beautiful peaceful place & no longer in pain.

When I returned to my home in Canada, I was putting my things away and found a picture in my bedside table of Mo. My husband who attended Mo’s funeral/celebration brought home this card that was handed out. You can imagine how felt when I saw the picture on the card. It was a picture of her hugging a huge tree. Yes I will admit I cried again. This was her gift to me to let me know that she was with ME. So my answer is No you do not have to attend, just think of them and they will be there in your sacred space and in your heart.

So who do I dedicate this to? You guessed it, my beautiful friend Maureen Shannon who is now my new Angel and will always remind me that Love still lives on….. it’s just different.

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam

And for a brief moment

Its glory and beauty

Belong to our world

But then it flies on again

And though we wish

It could have stayed

We feel so lucky

To have seen it at all.

Maureen Shannon -August 7, 1967- August 19, 2015

Until we meet again Mo….

Love & Light

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