Intro to Psychic Development

YES!! You Are PSYCHIC !!!

Psychic Intuition is also known as your gut feeling, instinct or inner wisdom that guides you to do or not do things to make life easier, smoother and more enjoyable! It helps you avoid challenging or even dangerous situations as well as helping you to be more decisive as you just “know” the right things to do or say at the right time. Following your intuition will help you in many different ways as it helps you to access and be aware of hidden information that you may not know otherwise. Master the techniques to listen & trust your intuition.  Helen reveals the secrets to “speak” to your intuition & receive guidance from it, so we can always access your sixth sense whenever you need it. Imagine being able to tap into your intuition & get clear, precise, insights in all areas of your life! Learn  how to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.

Warning!! this is a FUN interactive class with 10 people in the group😊

Learn how to discover your Natural Psychic Abilities by learning the tools on how to :

  1. Meditate
  2. Trust & Receive Your Messages
  3. Understand your Chakras
  4. Receive information from objects with Psychometry
  5. Understand how Synchronicity works
  6. Clearing and Protecting your Space & Energy Field

Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm 

Location: 2086 Ghent Ave. Unit 50 (Townhome) Burlington, 

*** Handouts and Light Snack & Water will be provided ***

Investment Fee: $80.00 tax included 

If you wish to pay via Etransfer, please email me to confirm. Password is not necessary email address is [email protected]






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