Are You Still Holding Onto The Guilt?

helenI have noticed there seems to be a theme when I have clients for approximately 2 weeks. It’s almost as if the Universe is saying okay this week you will have clients who need to heal this. Well the past 2 weeks , the theme was about clients holding onto Guilt.

In the passing of a loved one, you may be feeling that you should have done something differently to have prevented their death. Did not treat them the way you should have, or believe that you didn’t carry out their wishes they way they wanted, had that argument when you saw them last or the most popular one, should have spent more time with them. If your feeling guilty for anything you did or did not do, please understand that your deceased loved ones are in a place of compassion and complete love, where blame no longer exists.Their perspective has changed and they are able to understand your actions completely. › Read more

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