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call your spirit guides

Whenever I’m preparing to teach my Meditation Classes I always “ask” what the theme should be. Well this past week, I received a huge nudge, and then began noticing a theme. I noticed that other Bloggers, posts on Social Media, clients were all asking and talking about “Spirit Guides.” When I went into my own meditation I of course asked why this theme? What I received from my own Guide (Glenda) is that they wish for us to ask them for guidance, to connect with them more, to use them, to become friends with them…. they simply wish to HELP & wish to be noticed. But most of all, to develop a relationship. I bet they are hanging around you right now ready to commune with you. How awesome is that!!

Now you maybe thinking, what are Spirit Guides? Or you forgot about them, or you do not know how to connect with them or you just simply don’t give a hoot. I say you should give a hoot because our Guides are just like Owls… filled with Wisdom and Knowledge that they wish to share with us. Your very own Spiritual GOOGLE. Again… how cool is that. Now I will be honest, I do tend to forget sometimes to ask for help when it’s something personal that I need assistance with. But let me tell you, I never forget to ask for assistance when I’m working with my clients and doing Group Readings. I actually call upon my whole tribe and my Gate Keepers to boot. That’s what they are there for and I sure thank them big time everyday I call them in.

Many people go through life not realizing that they have someone on their side, someone who is there to help guide them through their life, who is there for there own good. They have many roles that they play but their main job is to teach us spiritual truth. They are our helpers. Call upon them, just like you would if you were to text or email a friend. Just pray, talk to them in your thoughts, they are just a thought (a call) away, like a spiritual therapist in that they mostly let you work things out for yourself by giving you gems of knowledge to lead you to your inner truth.

What are “Spirit Guides”?

pic of walking into the light

Spirit guides are usually “beings” that do not currently inhabit a physical body or are not in the same realm as humans. Some people might see them as angels, or departed loved ones, or collective group consciousness, aliens, animals, perhaps beings from the Elemental Kingdom. Yes, it sounds like woo-woo fluff but everyone interprets their experience differently and is perfectly entitled to do so.

Now you maybe thinking, if I need help I just pray to Jesus or God (or whoever you pray to) and that is fine as well. But for me I just like knowing that I have my own personal Guide (friend) who is all mine, my best friend. That’s what they want to be known as, a “friend” and that’s what I call them, my friends, my team, my tribe, my pain in the ass sometimes when I feel I don’t want to do something that I know they want me to do ( for my highest and best interest) …yes you need to keep your humour because they have plenty of that as well. Speaking of which, we all have our own Joy Guides, Guides for relationships, healing, career, education and more. They change as we evolve and we usually have about 5-6 of them. We do have one we chose who is with us from birth until our last breath. Usually, this being is a relative, such as a great-grandparent who passed away several years before you were born. Your spirit guide can also be a person with whom you connected during other lifetimes – reincarnation.

Spirit guides know how to help you without interfering with your free will or growth lessons ( and we have plenty of those) . Therefore, a spirt guide will never make a decision for us or tell us what to do. They will only suggest or help you to see your different options and then urge you to make decisions based on love and kindness. When you make mistakes, your spirit guide still loves you unconditionally. Phew… that’s good to know since I know that I have made many along the way. He or she sees your true essence of goodness, despite contrary personality or behavioural traits. Just like a loving coach, your spirit guide gently encourages you to treat yourself and others with respect.

Recently deceased loved ones may come to you in meditation or dreams to deliver messages. These are not spirit guides because they aren’t permanently assigned to your side. Newly deceased people have not gone through enough training to be assigned as spirit guides. A spirit guide is an esteemed role that requires much schooling in the afterlife. Your loved ones who have recently passed on are prone to give advice or suggestions without knowing that this can interfere with the person’s free will.

How to connect to your spirit guides

1. You must raise your vibration to meet your guides and learn how to let go of your “thinking mind” getting in the way with the vibrational translation, how?? MEDITATION!! I cannot express this enough!!!…. I will be uploading a Meditation very soon to help you connect. If interested please contact me and I will add you to my list.

2. You must put the call ‘out there’ to connect. They cannot help if you don’t ask and as long as whatever you are asking them for is for the highest good of all involved. 

3. Be open to receiving guidance and TRUST what you receive. It could come in the form of impressions, pictures, songs, taste and feelings.

Once you have established a relationship with your Guide, you can call upon them anytime. Looking for a parking spot, looking for that item in the grocery store? just ask!! That’s all they want, to help and to serve you and for you to TRUST and open your heart, mind and soul and allow them to guide you on this magical journey with Spirit. Whoever you do call upon – don’t forget to thank them for their help and support! It isn’t just about politeness. It’s because of the amazing effects that gratitude has on us in that it allows us to see the very real presence of loving higher powers in our lives.

Thank you “Glenda”, for giving me the nudge to be the messenger to help my friends and to remind them that we all have support from the Spirit World.
Bring it ON!! xoxoxox

Intuitively Yours,

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Hugs From Heaven

HUGSSometimes just having a friend or loved one to give us a hug can be the best medicine. After I have a session with my clients, I always make sure that they do not leave with out a hug. To me it’s like a heart to heart talk. As soon as I approach my clients at the end of their session and ask for a hug , the look on their faces tells all, ” really, I get a hug as well there is no extra fee for this? “. Some even hesitate, they are not too sure. Some just can’t wait for hug and this makes my day and makes my heart sing! It tells me that they are comfortable around me, they trust me. I know instantly when people are uncomfortable , as if they never receive hugs and these are the ones I hold onto just little bit longer.

Why are so many people afraid of hugging? Is it because of personal space, is it considered stepping over boundaries? Feared that it might be taken the wrong way? They just simply don’t know how to receive or give one. This could stem from childhood or they don’t surround themselves with huggy type people. Look how important it is for new babies and small children. They need to receive constant human contact ,to feel this form of nurturing, protection and just being loved. It’ just second nature for us Moms & Dad’s to do this automatically especially if the parents were affectionate with their children.

When Spirit comes through me I can tell if that loved one was a touchy feely type person or not. Often they say that they wished they gave more hugs or were a little more affectionate with their loved ones here on earth. When I pass this message on, I can see it in their eyes and how they longed for this. That’s when I give an extr extra hug at the end of their session and sometimes it’s not actually coming from me but through me from Spirit. I love when this happens.

What I do like about hugging is that it’s another form of expression, another way of communicating. If you are not great with words, just a simple hug can say a lot and go along way. It can be a simple hello or goodbye . Every morning all 3 of my boys ( that’s including my husband) do not leave the house without a hug. Each morning it’s how my husband and I start off our day (and we scratch each others back while doing this …LOL) . I especially do this because I have to admit, I’m not a morning person and I tend to be quiet, so a simple hug is all that is needed… until my morning coffee.

When was the last time you received a hug or gave one? I can guarantee it will put a smile on your face or at least the other person or both and perhaps add an extra bounce to your step today !

Happy Hugging from The Spirit World!!


Intuitively Yours,

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“I’m Not Good Enough, I Failed”…

Failure & Success

It was 1976 and it was the year that my parents decided to divorce and for my mother to move my youngest brother ( 5 years younger) and I to a new home while my other brother ( 11 months younger than me) moved in with my Dad, his new wife and stepdaughter. Everything happened so fast, new school, new home, split family, new rules and responsibilities and living with a single Mom.

How did I feel about all this? I was very insecure, afraid and felt I did not belong. I was a skinny freckle faced, red head trying to fit in. Did I really try? No. Why? because I felt too insecure, too embarrassed, I did not have the right clothes and was not smart enough. I did make one friend that same year and I always felt that she felt the same way I did. It’s because of her that made me decide to write this (and there is another reason and I will explain later) we just recently connected on Facebook (not a coincidence) and when I saw her name and picture she stirred up a lot of emotions that told me “Helen you are still holding onto this” What am I holding onto? I FAILED! That’s right, I FAILED Grade 4. I’ll never forget that day, first day back at school in September and having to face the kids who were in my class move ahead without me and me having to face the kids that was before me.  Kids were not the nicest to those kids who failed.

So why did I fail? I did not realize it then but today I have had many “aha” moments through my healing process. It was because of all the things I endured that year as an 8 year old child, my life turned upside down and I had no control over it. I had chicken pox and missed 3 weeks of school, I missed my old home, I missed my father and my brother to another family, I had to watch my mother try to make it on her own ( and her new boyfriend) I was responsible for keeping the house clean, make the meals (if we had any food) feed and walk our dog and the most difficult part was looking after my little brother who was only 4 years old. I had to grow up FAST!! Did anyone at school know this? Nope, I kept it all to myself and faked it with a smile. I believe this is why I always helped the “underdog” I became an Empath at a very young age. I would befriend people to help them, even stray dogs because I felt like one of them. When I look back, the one greatest thing that came out of it was making friends with (who are still my best friends today) Laura & Heidi. Laura was new from Quebec & Heidi was new from another part of St. Catharines. They both knew and felt what I did, being the new kid on the block. Then the sad day came when Heidi moved to Toronto with her family and I was heart broken. She knew my secrets and that was also the same summer Laura went away to summer camp and again I found myself alone.

During that summer I was sitting at the “Sandpile” close to the lighthouse and crying over something my mother was upset at me for, and while I was crying I heard ” You are a golden child with a golden touch” I looked and looked and there was no one in sight, so of course I brushed it off. When I went home (hoping the coast was clear) I was inspired to pick up a pen and paper and out poured this beautiful poem called “The Golden Touch”. I was really proud of this poem and thought how did I write something so beautiful “I’m not good enough” but it gave me hope.

Flash forward, I just turned 16 and ran away from home in the middle of a snowstorm at midnight. I had just enough money for a one way ticket to Toronto. Back then Toronto seemed so far away and so BIG!! I had always wanted to be an actress, dancer, performer why? Because it was my escape, it was the empath in me. But that was not the reason why I left for Toronto, Heidi’s family new of my situation and always told me if I needed anything that they would be there for me. I filed this away until the day came and I felt the “nudge” to go. I followed my Intuition and until this day I have never looked back or moved back. I am still here in Toronto. Did I ever have any regrets? The only regret was leaving my little brother behind but that is a whole other story, a journey that my brother had to learn.

Moving forward again, yes I did do some performing, dancing and some acting but now here I am writing this for you as a Spiritual Medium (I’m willing to own this now). Or is it for me? I believe its for both. I’ve been told by many that I should write a book. My first thought was , “I’m not good enough”… When I look back at Heidi’s family taking me in, would I be where I am today? Would I have met my husband the way I did? Would my path be the same? Was I meant to fail Grade 4? Perhaps yes, I may not have met Laura and Heidi. Do I still think “I’m not good enough”? I will admit, sometimes yes. I strongly feel that I was meant to go down that path so I could share my experiences because I did learn and grow from it. I learned to not be afraid, to forgive, to trust, to love, to let go and just keep moving forward. That path led me to help others and I know that my loved ones and Spirit Guides have been supporting and guiding me all along.

Now I did mention earlier that I would explain the other reason for me writing this. The last 5 days I’ve lost my voice. I’ve been home meditating (working on my throat chakra) on what am I to learn through this and this is what I got. To LISTEN and WRITE. So here I am, the little read head, freckle faced not so thin anymore pouring out my story (only part of it) for you. Why? One to help me speak my truth and heal and the other to share with you that when you release your fears and all the negative thoughts from your past, that life really can turn around for you. Always trust your nudges, you never know where your path will take you and how it will all unfold. I know this to be true because I no longer think that “I’m not good enough and I did not Fail”.

P.S. I never did find that poem” The Golden Touch” I believe it may have been thrown out when I left home.

Intuitively Yours,



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As I sit in heaven

As I sit in heavenBinary Options Stock Tradingкупить файл серверusd to euro conversion rate

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Happy Ho’oponopono


Throughout my journey of Healing I have come across on several occasions an Affirmation that I have found very helpful when I needed it. Then as time goes by and like everything else, it gets put on a shelf and forgotten about. Well recently I have come across it again and while listening to my body, it was telling me that it’s time to start it up again. So I decided to share it with you and perhaps you can join me. It seems to be the latest theme for my clients.

What does Ho’oponopono mean and where does it come from? Some of you may already be familiar with it & the story by d.cole. › Read more


Do Our Loved Ones Visit Their Funeral ?

do-our-loved-ones-visit-their-funeralWhen Crossing Over

People have a window of time surrounding their impending death where their Spirit can leave their physical body and cross into the Light. Some people leave their bodies in the moments before their physical death, before they feel any pain at all. Rather than experiencing first-hand the trauma of dying – they watch what happens as an observer on the sidelines.

Some people leave their bodies the instant their physical body ceases to operate. Meaning, at the exact time of physical death, the spirit leaves the body and crosses-over. › Read more

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A Poem from Heaven

poem-from-heavenI found this poem floating around on Social Media and it kept showing up on my page. When this happens , I strongly feel that Spirit is giving me the nudge to share it. So I have been inspired to write it out for you . Perhaps there is someone out there that can heal from this, or resonate with it or simply be comforted by it. I know it touched me on many levels. You may even have a love one who may need to read this poem/letter to help them understand or move forward. The words are so close to what I hear from the Spirit World which is why I believe that I must share it. › Read more

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Are You Still Holding Onto The Guilt?

helenI have noticed there seems to be a theme when I have clients for approximately 2 weeks. It’s almost as if the Universe is saying okay this week you will have clients who need to heal this. Well the past 2 weeks , the theme was about clients holding onto Guilt.

In the passing of a loved one, you may be feeling that you should have done something differently to have prevented their death. Did not treat them the way you should have, or believe that you didn’t carry out their wishes they way they wanted, had that argument when you saw them last or the most popular one, should have spent more time with them. If your feeling guilty for anything you did or did not do, please understand that your deceased loved ones are in a place of compassion and complete love, where blame no longer exists.Their perspective has changed and they are able to understand your actions completely. › Read more

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Common Signs From Your Loved Ones

Common Signs From Your Loved OnesHave you often wondered if your loved ones are Okay? Can they communicate with us? Do they know what is happening in your life? After our loved ones cross over, they do want to let us know that YES!! they are okay and will often give us signs that we cannot ignore. I always tell my clients that they do not have to look for signs – the signs will come to them. › Read more

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