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Your Spirit Guides Wish To Chat!

  Whenever I’m preparing to teach my Meditation Classes I always “ask” what the theme should be. Well this past week, I received a huge nudge, and then began noticing a theme. I noticed that other Bloggers, posts on Social

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Hugs From Heaven

Sometimes just having a friend or loved one to give us a hug can be the best medicine. After I have a session with my clients, I always make sure that they do not leave with out a hug. To

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“I’m Not Good Enough, I Failed”…

It was 1976 and it was the year that my parents decided to divorce and for my mother to move my youngest brother ( 5 years younger) and I to a new home while my other brother ( 11 months

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As I sit in heaven

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Happy Ho’oponopono


Throughout my journey of Healing I have come across on several occasions an Affirmation that I have found very helpful when I needed it. Then as time goes by and like everything else, it gets put on a shelf and


Do Our Loved Ones Visit Their Funeral ?

When Crossing Over People have a window of time surrounding their impending death where their Spirit can leave their physical body and cross into the Light. Some people leave their bodies in the moments before their physical death, before they

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A Poem from Heaven

I found this poem floating around on Social Media and it kept showing up on my page. When this happens , I strongly feel that Spirit is giving me the nudge to share it. So I have been inspired to

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Are You Still Holding Onto The Guilt?

I have noticed there seems to be a theme when I have clients for approximately 2 weeks. It’s almost as if the Universe is saying okay this week you will have clients who need to heal this. Well the past

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Common Signs From Your Loved Ones

Have you often wondered if your loved ones are Okay? Can they communicate with us? Do they know what is happening in your life? After our loved ones cross over, they do want to let us know that YES!! they

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